Sandy Diehl

Sanford Diehl


I am an assistant professor of philosophy at New York University. Before coming to NYU I was a Junior Research Fellow at Christ Church, Oxford. I received a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Harvard University.

Here is my CV (updated 9/22). My email address is sanford.diehl at


My research interests are in ethics and social and political philosophy. I am currently working on a series of papers about the role of mutual recognition in respect and love.

"Why Immanent Critique?" European Journal of Philosophy 30 (2022): 676-692 (link)


In Fall 2022 I am teaching Ethics (NYU login required).

Other courses I have taught:

Contractualism (Spring 2020)
A seminar for sophomore philosophy majors about nonconsequentialism and aggregation, T.M. Scanlon’s contractualism and its critics, and different ways of cashing out the idea that morality is essentially relational or based in mutual recognition.

Moral Epistemology (Fall 2017)
A seminar for sophomore philosophy majors about the epistemology of morality. Topics include reflective equilibrium, peer disagreement, testimony, evolutionary debunking, reason and virtue as sources of moral knowledge, epistemic injustice, and ideology.

Big Data, Ethics, and Moral Machines (Summer 2019)
A two-week course for high school students about moral and political questions raised by artificial intelligence. Topics include democracy and the flow of information, data collection and the value of privacy, fairness in algorithmic decisionmaking, and automation and work.